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I was given this Bible to review for B&H Publishing by FrontGate Media.  While I was given the Bible for free all thoughts and opinions are my own.





I have been truly excited to review the She Reads Truth Bible. This Christian Standard Bible by Holman Bible Publishers, is quite the site to see. It is stunningly beautiful to me.



I love they designed this Bible to be written in. The wide margins provide plenty of space for journaling, artwork & reflection notes. I can’t wait to season this Bible!



My hand writing is not perfect, just like each of us, we are flawed people in need of a savior. But I just had to share this verse I wrote in my Bible found in Galatians 2:21. I love that the pages are light and crisp yet they do not bleed through when written in.



I have been using this Bible for the past few weeks in my study times. I have enjoyed it. I will list my pros and cons for you.


  1. It is beautiful.
  2. Hard cover for long term protection.
  3. The art work is inspiring and designed to help you remember the verses!
  4. I love the colors.
  5. Easy to read fonts.
  6. Easy to read English and context.
  7. Color coded genre indicators for each Book of the Bibles writing style.
  8. Built in Devotionals by the She Reads Truth team focusing on particular passages.
  9. I love the charts, I am a visual learner.
  10. I love seeing timelines & maps within this Bible.
  11. The introduction feature of each book of the Bible to give a better foundation for reading.
  12. I love it has two ribbon book markers built in the book.
  13. The Christian Standard is based on what is believed to be the original reading via the translators from the Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek manuscripts, and indicating the main alternatives in footnotes.
  14. The pages did  not bleed ink when I write on them.




  1. It is in fact heavy, but not lacking great information.
  2. I love how light the pages are yet I am also worried of how fragile they will be in the long haul. They seem to be a little bit lighter than my other Bibles.




Maps, charts and timelines oh my! I love, love. The inspiring art is based on a key verse for each book at the start of each book.







They are giving away seven copies. Do not miss the chance to win one for yourself or to give to a loved one.








As you can see my pros list out weighs my cons! I will be enjoying this Bible for some time to come and have been grateful to review it.  I simply do think this Women’s Bible is a must see for any woman seeking to get deeper into the word. I want to encourage you also that the best time of the day you can spend is drawing near to God learning his word for a more abundant life in every area. This Bible would be a perfect tool for deeper spiritual growth. You can purchase your own She Reads Truth Bible here.





  1. I love the fact that the pros outweighs the cons. I enjoy reading the bible that is easy to understand.

    Great review girly! Also, I’m loving your rebrand!!!!!



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