Turkey Veggie Jubilee Salad


This recipe was created by me Susan Jackson. This post first appeared on my previous site SuziesView.com


I just love summer. But I also love being a Jennie-O Switch Circle Blogger. May’s shipment brought a lot of joy to my family and others. I received these three turkey breast. Cajun Style, Oven Roasted, and Sun Dried Tomato. I did not want to keep all the Jennie-O goodness to myself so I gave two of them away to other people to try Jennie-O for themselves. As for myself I kept the Sun Dried Tomato turkey breast to create a brand new summer sandwich salad. A cool dish with a new twist. This was so much fun to think up and make




  • Jennie-O Premium Portions Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast
  • Kale and baby spinach
  • Tomato
  • Red onion
  • Yellow or red sweet pepper
  • A lemon or lime or both ( after testing with lime too I suggest both! ) But it does taste just as great with either or.

I call it Veggie Jubilee Turkey Salad. This was fun to create and simple. I wanted it to be bright, fresh, tasty and very easy to make. In the picture below is everything you need. Adjust the amounts of everything you use based on how much of course you’d like to make. I made a large bowl to share with others.


  • Here is a very important tip. When you open the turkey package save the sun dried tomato juices from the turkey, put it in your turkey salad bowl as the liquid base for the salad.
  • Chop all your meat and produce.
  • Cut a lime or lemon or both. Squeeze juice to taste. It makes this salad awesome.
  • Blend together well and enjoy.




That’s it. No other seasoning needed. It is low fat to the max. No mayo needed. This Summer Jubilee Turkey Salad is simple, easy, low fat and fantastic in taste. It is a great tribute to summer and it’s colorful abundance. It is great for dieters yet perfect for anyone in love with flavor. Good clean eating at it’s finest.




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