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Ok, I just recently went to Universal Studios Florida. This post is not sponsored. We were in Fl for a work conference. I wanted to just write a post telling you the short skinny  from my perspective of Universal Studios FL and hopefully provide a helpful perspective without pushing this or that for affiliate sales or feeling like it has to be all positive things if sponsored etc. You know what I mean.

Now on to Universal Studios and how I view it!

The ticket price for one park ticket is around 200 dollars. There are three parks. Universal Studios, Universal’s Volcano bay, and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. I thought when I was given the ticket to Universal I had access to all the rides, I had no idea it was three different  parks $200 x 3 = $500 for all parks. Yes you can get package deals online ( but still pricey per person a day) but let’s say you are there like me and already in the park only to discover you do not have access to it all. I saw some costing still as high as $300 a day for packages.  It is not worth the trip there without all three parks! Trust me!  Once I saw what each one contained and how they get you in price for each one… for a family of four to go would cost a few thousand dollars by the time you travel, stay somewhere, food.

That ticket only gains you access to the central main Universal Studios park (and as said it’ 200 alone). For me to visit the other parks would of cost me a few hundred more while I was there for three days. When I saw what was in the parks I decided against it.

Plus, the fact when I went in January of this year it was too cold even in FL for water parks.

The main Universal Studios theme park is not very big at all, this is the one I went to. One day I went in the park alone at 2 p.m. And was done and out at 5:30! I will say this I did not have to wait long in any lines because staying at Loews Royal Pacifica’s Resort in Universal, the hotel key is also an express pass for rides. But even still. I saw everything there was to see in that park taking my sweet time. Had I of paid for that ticket (I was grateful do not get me wrong) but had I paid I would of been disappointed.

Most of the rides was 3D or 4D you sit down, and the seat moves about. That’s it. Because most of this, by ride number three I was feeling a bit motion sick. There was one coaster there in the main park.

The sections of the park had themes which was great, but they were mostly all just fake buildings you could not enter. The ones you did it was only high-priced eateries or gift shops. That was it. So let me get this straight…. the average person pays you $200  to get in here and just walk about to spend more money in gifts shops there is really nothing to see? Now I did see some people dressed like minions dancing that was fun for about five minutes then I was done.




Then I saw Sponge Bob singing and dancing with fish on skates during a parade of only about five floats. The same floats that you see all day riding about in the park. That was fun for about two minutes. There was a fake Marilyn Monroe chatting about and a Scooby- Doo near the famous Mystery Machine van. There was a Hollywood section with some fake stars in the side walk (not many) to see.  It was kind of cool to find Sylvester Stallone’s star, but even still it is not the real Hollywood star.



Sylvester Stallone Star



Nothing was worth $200 a day for that park in my book per person. I feel awful for families with high hopes and saving money to come only to be let down. I thought all is not lost I will take the Hog Warts Express over to see the Harry Potter experience only to be told it would cost another $200 I was like, no thank you!

Now the positives the staff everywhere I went was super helpful and kind. One of the only rides that was not the one roller coaster  or a  3D sit down was E.T..  I loved that simple ride! I rode it five times in one day. I found out sitting in the front was the best part to experience it. So I requested that two times and the staff kindly accommodated it! My next favorite ride of the 3D offerings  was Jimmy Falon’s Ride Through NYC. The pre-ride entertainment was good.

I loved the random show in NYC The Beat Builders put on that was good. If you visit my instagram you can see video clips of the show. It was by far the best entertainment there. Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley was fun to stumble upon because it is hidden. But when I found it at first I thought, wow! But it was same thing fake buildings you can not go into but some where real stores. It too was not very big. I walked around Diagon Alley in less than 20 minutes. I do have the say the most impressive thing to see in Diagon Alley was the fire breathing dragon.



Harry Potters Diagon Alley



I had some fun, but I know this I would never pay to go back. Most of what you walk around and see is stores not experiences. Why pay money to see stores with overpriced stuff. Personally I would rather have experiences and more memories… save your money and make it count go to Disney! This is my opinion, you may like it better?


Tip: If you do go, go to the NBC media center during a time they are doing pilot programs you can watch a show for an hour on the tv answer questions and get $25-30 dollars in credit to spend in the park if you’re on a budget. I went to do that each day I was in the park only to find them closed each day, so maybe call ahead for that. They only allow you to do this once a year per person.

View more pictures of my trip to Universal and see the video clips by following in Instagram. 






  1. Thanks for being honest Suzie! I been to two of Universal Studios parks and Islands of Adventures is the best one. And you’re right, the rides at the main park is mostly virtual.

    Boy, did the prices jump up high since I last week. I paid over $500 for the 4 of us for two parks!

    1. admin January 27, 2018, 2:21 am

      Yes , of course I love sharing my views. It may not earn my brownie points or anything but I want to help families same money I know I am on budget myself.

      1. Thank you Suzie, this post will help families determine if it is worth going to Universal Studios, and how much they need to budget.

  2. Mother of 3 January 29, 2018, 11:38 pm

    We went as a family of 6 just a couple of years ago and it was a couple thousand just for our park tickets for 2 days! We were going mainly for the Harry Potter world and needed the park to park tickets. My kids have been asking to go back ever since but I would rather spend my money at Disney; for the same price we get so much more. Plus the 3-D motion picture rides do get a bit boring after a bit and my husband can’t handle them as well. We did go in Sept. and found that there were hardly any people so we didn’t have to spent much time in any lines (even without paying extra for express passes) and easily managed to cover every ride and attraction we were interested in in the 2 days.

    1. WOW! OUCH on the price for only 2 days. To me it simply isn’t worth it. Thanks for sharing your time there and how it was. I love hearing others experiences.


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